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Hi, I’m Telia.


I’m a writer and performer who loves language; playlists that shift from Elliot Smith and The Magnetic Fields to The B52s and Sepultura; and any food that has potato as a main ingredient. I like to think of myself as a hard/soft carb-lover with a finely tuned sense of the ridiculous.


My shows are usually about things that I’m struggling to fully understand, like our expectations about finding success (Untitled No. 7), how pop culture shapes the way we approach life (What Would John Hughes Do?), or how to gag the inner demons that keep us up at night (Little Monster).


They sometimes include interpretive dance (because it’s fun), rhyming verse (because it’s satisfying) and punk songs (because why not?). Sometimes they just have stories.


Recent award nominations and wins include:

Little Monster

  • Best Work in Festival, 2021 Melbourne Fringe

  • Best Writing Nominee, 2022 Green Room Awards

  • Best Digital Work Nominee, 2022 Green Room Awards


What Would John Hughes Do?

  • Best Writing Nominee, 2021 Green Room Awards

  • Best Cabaret Nominee, 2020 Melbourne Fringe


Untitled No. 7

  • Best Performance Nominee, 2020 Fringe at the Edge of the World

  • Best Writing Nominee, 2019 Green Room Awards

  • Best Performance Nominee, 2018 Melbourne Fringe


Poet Vs Pageant

  • Best Late Night Moment 2017, Montreal Fringe

  • Best Emerging Writer 2015, Melbourne Fringe

  • Most Innovative Work Nominee, 2018 NZ Fringe

  • Best English Production Nominee, 2017 Montreal Fringe


Recent appearances also include the 2020 Australian Performing Arts Market, 2019 Toronto Fringe, 2017 Queensland Poetry Festival, 2017 Castlemaine State Festival, 2016 Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival, 2014 Sydney Writers’ Festival and 2014 Indianapolis Fringe.


I take photos out of compulsion, and often paste myself into places I don’t belong, like screenshots from John Hughes movies, Mills & Boon covers, other peoples’ family photos and postcards from the turn of the century.


If you believe the internet, I’m also a Swedish Telecommunications company, but everyone’s got skeletons in their closet, right?

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