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Telia Nevile sits on a bed, with one knee crooked up. One arm is resting along the top of a vintage tape-player, while their other hand cups their cheek. It looks like it's nighttime. Telia looks directly at the camera from under their eyelashes. They look tired

Insomniac Mixtape

Insomniac Mixtape is a low light, high volume cabaret for the poorly rested.

In-person season from 4 - 15 October, 2023

Audio on-demand from 4 - 22 October, 2023

For bookings and info visit or call 03 9660 9666

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Praise for previous shows

"Nevile’s stage presence is enrapturing"

Gutter Culture

"A work of utter genius"

Australian Arts Review

"Inspirational, mesmerizing, profound, relatable, absolutely fantastic"

Montreal Theatre Hub

"A masterpiece few could emulate”

Theatre People

“Oddball brilliance”

The Age


"Telia Nevile is a rare talent"

Adelaide Theatre Guide

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