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“Dazzlingly written, dynamically delivered”

Montreal Gazette


“It’s not often that you see a 45-minute show spoken in poetic cadence that holds your attention for that period. However, Melbourne, Australia’s Telia Nevile manages to pull it off in a style not seen often since Homer or Shakespeare.”

Westmount Mag

"A beautifully empathic performer and an effervescent burst of joy... This really is a performance from someone at the top of their game."

Arts Review

"Inspirational, mesmerizing, profound, relatable, absolutely fantastic"

Montreal Theatre Hub

"A rare delight for aspiring modern poets, word-nerds and fans of clever comedy"

Adelaide Theatre Hub

"A writer and actor who is a master of both crafts”

Indianapolis Examiner

“Gloriously smart and so full of heart that it’s an un-missable treat”

The Age

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