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Performed at:

2014 IndyFringe (Indianapolis, USA)

2014 Sydney Writers Festival

2013 Anywhere Festival (live-streamed over the Internet)

2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2012 Melbourne Fringe

2012 Adelaide Fringe

2011 The Butterfly Club (development season)


Turn up, tune in, rock out.

Stuck in suburbia with too much to say, Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is doing the only thing left open to a word-obsessed socially inept artiste.  She’s broadcasting a radio show from her bedroom and you’re invited over to pump up the volume. 

Get ready to turn the dial up to 11 with a blitz of hits that includes the meteorological meter of 'The Weather Report of My Soul', the metal mayhem of 'Grammar Grindcore', nu-jazz explosion 'Because I'm Deep (I'm Deep in Thought)' and the pants-moistening erotic fan fiction 'The Best Ring in the West Wing'.

Beautifully crafted tongue-in-cheek poetry combined with a deep, abiding love of the outsider. 

Humungous thanks to List Operator Matt Kelly, who is guiding my rehearsal room forays with a steady, yet soft hand; to Suitcase Royale wunderkind Glen Walton who has been an outstanding musical consultant and who has also constructed the most awesome 'Live on Air' sign; and to Thomas Butt aka, DJ Lazer Ferrari, who made one of the best rap backing tracks ever to grace the stage.


“A pure delight… What was most striking about Nevile’s comedy was not only her well-honed, funny material with its topical humor and pop cultural references but also her droll delivery of stories about the most unlikely subject matter. The deadpan expression worn by Nevile’s onstage character masked a comic provocateur and in turns revealed a writer and actor who is a master of both crafts. Watching and listening to Neville’s “on air” persona, it was easy to imagine how successful she and her character would be as true radio personality if the engaging, erudite performer ever decided to actually broadcast for real. This writer would be a regular listener for sure.” - Indianapolis Examiner


“For her first performance in the United States, brilliant Australian Telia Nevile brings an outstanding character comedy that’s a surprise crowd favorite at this year’s Fringe. Expect quick wit and remarkable modern poetry as the suburban-residing Poet Laureate (self-named) guides you through music, laughter, and romantic rage.” - Indianapolis Monthly

“Nevile is hilarious without cruelty or low denominators.” - Farrago

“From the get-go, we know this is erudite comedy. Bring it on.” - Offstreet Press

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek, lump-in-throat affair… Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is one of the more sophisticated and imaginative comedians working.” - Things Half-Known


★★★★★ “Forty of the cleverest, funniest minutes you’re likely to experience. Serious effort has gone into crafting this show, which positively explodes with a finely-balanced mix of literary and popular culture references – and in the hands of this very talented performer it is a rare delight for aspiring modern poets, word-nerds and fans of clever comedy.”  - Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★½ “Inspired and riotously funny. The writing exhibited in this show is top notch: eloquent, funny, clever and relatable. Fans of grammar, punctuation, and the correct and effective use of the English language rejoice!” - Kryztoff


“It’s not just hilarious, it’s also clever, with a range of cultural references from bad pop lyrics to Wittgenstein and beyond.” - Rip It Up

“Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is proof that poetry is both dangerous and cool.” - Adelaide Artbeat

“I know; you’re just in the mood for a night out of poetry… No? Well Telia Nevile might change your mind. She’s not only a winning wordsmith, but an engaging performer who understands the unappreciated nature of her calling and wants to convert everyone to her passion for poetry. There is a lot to enjoy and her final poem about surviving as an artist was a stunner that brought a tear to my eye.” - The Groggy Squirrel

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