Little Monster


A Dr Suess-flavoured tale about the many faces and few delights of the inner demons we try to hide but can't ignore.

Oh the lies we all tell, the facades we construct,

To hide that inside it’s all really quite f*cked.

Inner demons, what are they, and why are they here?

Let's gag them and throw them right off of the pier!

This may sound like a kids’ tale, a laugh and a lark,

But listen real close coz it’s going to get dark...

Written and performed by Telia Nevile

Dramaturgy by Sameena Zehra

Music by James Dowell with Cam Powell

Publicity by Random Panda Publicity

Venue: Online

Dates: On demand from Saturday 9 – Sunday 17 October

Tickets: Flexible pricing - $20 Full, $10 Less than Full, $30 More than Full - pick your price.

Bookings:  or (03) 9660 9666