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Previously performed at:

2022 Fringe Rebound

2021 Melbourne Fringe (streamed on demand)


Best Work in Festival - 2021 Melbourne Fringe

Best Writing Nominee - 2022 Green Room Awards

Best Digital Work Nominee - 2022 Green Room Awards

A wild tale about housemates, Hob Nobs and the inner demons we try to hide but can’t ignore.

Told in the style of Dr Suess, this playfully ridiculous, highly relatable story plunges headfirst into the unholy havoc our inner demons can unleash.

Written and performed by Telia Nevile

Dramaturgy by Sameena Zehra

Music by James Dowell with Cam Powell

Publicity by Random Panda Publicity

Costume Construction by Sharon Nevile


★★★★ “Oddball brilliance… Anyone who has ever lived in a share house or been dragged down by their own gnawing insecurities will recognise and admire the way Nevile converts bitter experience into whimsical, consistently clever art.” – The Age


“Bloody brilliant” – My Melbourne Arts


“At the end of Telia Nevile’s Little Monster, I squealed with delight because I knew I could watch it again. Little Monster shows how heart-hugging theatre and art can be made even when the demons seem too huge.

Shut your eyes or watch intensely,
She’s there for you, so don’t be coy.
Little Monster is complex and confronting,
And a complete and utter joy.” – Time Out


“This is a work of utter genius – weaving such flawless metaphor with distinctly clever structure and cadence. Throughout the piece Nevile consistently manages to take audiences on fantastical journeys into their own psyche, all the while gently holding our hands and reminding us that our little monsters aren’t as overwhelmingly monstrous as they may first appear.” – Australian Arts Review

"Nevile has masterful and complete command of her material. Awesome show, stunning performance with a great ultimate message.  Telia Nevile is certainly a performer to keep an eye on.” – Stage Whispers


“This power-packed one hour performance highlights the poetic skills and wordsmith talents of Nevile, who transforms this work into a masterpiece few could emulate. Experiencing this production highlights the amazing skill and poetic talent that makes Telia Nevile such an outstanding performer.” – Theatre People


“Terrific. Smart, truthful and very watchable.” – Television is Furniture

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