Telia Nevile sitting on the ground with her hand up to her face. The image is black and white with aspects of pink.


Just announced! Streaming via Melbourne Fringe's Digital Fringe platform from 21 - 25 November, 2020.

A punk cabaret about watching too many movies and then having to face reality.

After a childhood spent watching The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink on repeat, I thought I knew what life would be like. Boy was I wrong...

A loving exploration of the fuzzy area between fiction and fact; between collective memories of characters who never existed and every day struggles with reality.


Full of brutally honest stories, and peppered with tongue-in-cheek punk anthems, this show is raw, honest, funny and painfully universal.

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Best Performance Nominee - 2020 Fringe at the Edge of the World

Best Cabaret Writing Nominee - 2019 Green Room Awards

Best Performance Nominee - 2018 Melbourne Fringe

Full of pop culture poetry, punk rage and a healthy dose of interpretive dance, this multi-award-nominated performance will make you laugh, let you cry, and encourage you to tell Disney where to stick his happy endings.

“Featuring a musical rebuttal of all Walt Disney’s promise, accomplished spoken-word interludes, and wry segues into interpretive dance, this show cuts between fable and modern-day social observation without apologising. Nevile’s opening night earned a standing ovation." The Age

“A fractured fairy tale so fierce and fabulous that you might actually start believing in yourself” Sometimes Melbourne



Most Innovative Work Nominee - 2018 Wellington Fringe

Best of the Late Night Fringe Winner - 2017 Montreal Fringe

Best English Production Nominee - 2017 Melbourne Fringe

Best Emerging Writer Winner - 2015 Melbourne Fringe

Miss Congeniality meets Roald Dahl in this rollicking adventure full of blood, sweat and tans.

What will happen when an awkward outsider dives head first into the perilous seas of a beauty pageant? Be transported by a tale about outer change and its inner cost, told in epic poetic style. With added sequins.

“Inspirational, mesmerizing, profound, relatable, absolutely fantastic – those are a few of the countless ways to describe Telia Nevile’s outstanding spoken word performance.” Montreal Theatre Hub

“It’s not often that you see a 45-minute show spoken in poetic cadence that holds your attention for that period. However, Melbourne, Australia’s Telia Nevile manages to pull it off in a style not seen often since Homer or Shakespeare.” Westmount Mag



Turn up, tune in, rock out.

Stuck in suburbia with too much to say, Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is doing the only thing left open to a word-obsessed socially inept artiste.  She’s broadcasting a radio show from her bedroom and you’re invited over to pump up the volume. 

"A writer and actor who is a master of both crafts” Indianapolis Examiner


“Five stars. Forty of the cleverest, funniest minutes you’re likely to experience. Serious effort has gone into crafting this show, which positively explodes with a finely-balanced mix of literary and popular culture references – and in the hands of this very talented performer it is a rare delight.” Adelaide Theatre Guide

“Four and a half stars. Inspired and riotously funny. The writing exhibited in this show is top notch: eloquent, funny, clever and relatable.” Kryztoff

“It’s not just hilarious, it’s also clever, with a range of cultural references from bad pop lyrics to Wittgenstein and beyond.” Rip It Up