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Little Monster

The many faces and few delights of the inner demons we try to hide but can't ignore.

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A modern-day fairytale that will make you laugh, let you cry, and encourage you to tell Disney where to stick his happy endings.


A little interpretive dance, a little joyously terrible performance poetry...

You know, the usual.


Miss Congeniality meets Roald Dahl in this rollicking adventure full of blood, sweat and tans.

Telia Nevile sitting on the ground with her hand up to her face. The image is black and white with aspects of pink.

A punk cabaret about watching too many movies and then having to face reality.


Turn up, tune in, and rock out to a socially inept poet's pirate radio show full of rage, longing and erotic fan fiction.


Joyously terrible performance poetry, human arcade machines, private-viewing pay-per-view and more.

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