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Telia Nevile - For Whom The Bell Tolls


High school - come relive the glory and the gore...

They say evolution has come a long way since the dawn of mankind, but in the difficult-to-navigate confines of high school, survival of the fittest still reigns supreme.  For Poet Laureate Telia Nevile, the halls of learning were full of pitfalls and peaks, secret poetry and public scorn.  Come relive the glory and the gore, the awe and the awfulness.

Performed at:
2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (Presented by Sanzville Productions)
2011 Adelaide Fringe (Presented by randompanda)
2010 Melbourne Fringe
2010 Village Festival - Edinburgh Gardens

Huge thanks to Lou Sanz, Kel McConville, Belle Hammond, Steph Brotchie and Thomas Butt aka DJ Lazer Ferrari.

“One of the top ten comedy stars of tomorrow”

Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “A brilliant ode to the ostracised. A hilarious, sharply observed and affectionate portrait of teen angst, Nevile’s character is in the same league as, say, Sue Townsend’s Adrian Mole. Nerd rage with rhyme and metre? Too cool for school.”

The Age


"Nevile is a poet of effervescing talent...The things she does with words are sublime."

★★★★★"It wouldn't shock me if she's a nominee for best show of the Festival this year."

Crass Talk

"Outstanding.  Telia Nevile is a poet laureate for a generation."



"First word that comes to mind starts with B and rhymes with… er, what does rhyme with brilliant?"

The Pun


★★★★"The poems are excellent – clever and funny and full of literary in-jokes. Quirky, insightful and entertaining – a unique experience."

Adelaide Theatre Guide


"Nevile's performance is outstanding." - Kryztoff


“Put simply, Telia Nevile’s performance of For Whom the Bell Tolls was absolutely brilliant. It sucked you in and kept you wanting more.” - The Groggy Squirrel

Telia Nevile - While I'm Away


Best Newcomer Nominee - 2010 MICF

Golden Gibbo (Best Independent Production) Nominee - 2010 MICF

Set against a retro slideshow of the world’s greatest sites, While I’m Away takes audiences on a deliciously ridiculous grand tour they will never forget with Poet Laureate Telia Nevile - a poet they never expected.

Join this socially incapable and endearingly awkward explorer as she poetically surveys the ruins of her self-worth in ‘This Temple of Love is a Renovator’s Dream’, experiences the high-speed emotional danger of the Alps in ‘I Broke My Heart on the Black Run of Your Emotions’, and gets primal on the prowl with ‘Safari’.

Loaded with metaphor and peppered with puns, While I’m Away is a hilarious take on what it is to be a down-trodden day-dreamer who doesn't know when to say when.

Performed at:

2009 Melbourne Fringe

2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2010 Junction Festival

2010 The Village


★★★★“If the thought of a poetry reading terrifies you more than turbulence, relax: this flight soars”

The Age

“Unusual, intimate and unexpectedly delightful” 

Aussie Theatre

“Nevile is a gem of a narrator and a writer's writer.”


“Very moving, and piss-funny.”


“Brilliant poems of unrequited love and heartbreak that both tugged at the heartstrings and the funny bone.”

The Groggy Squirrel

“I have a confession to make - I don't know if Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is an incredibly intense character on the levels of a Sacha Baron Cohen creation, or if Poet Laureate Telia Nevile is an incredibly disturbed person behind some of the most funny, self-deprecating poetry this country has even been presented with. Either way, the results are awesome. A must see.”

The Funny Tonne

Penny Machinations - Telia Nevile & Matt Kelly


Outstanding Special Event - 2005 Melbourne Fringe

Created by Telia Nevile and Matt Kelly

Performed by Telia Nevile, Matt Kelly, Bron Batten, Richard Higgins, Eva Johansen, Miles O'Neil, Glen Walton, Joseph O'Farrell, Belinda Bortone, Kate Sumner, Sharni Page, Toby Newton, Kath Papas and many more.

A hand-made pay-per-view arcade full performance experiments spanning drama, dance, comedy, poetry and interactive installation.


Performed at:

2004 Explorations Season - La Mama

2005 Melbourne Fringe

2006 Melbourne Fringe

2006 Falls Festival

2007 Falls Festival

2008 Chookahs Childrens' Festival (Arts Centre Melbourne)

2009 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

"Other highlights of the [Fringe] festival club include the delightful Penny Machinations, a series of brief, deft theatrical delights.  It's an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for your next show to start, and great entertainment in its own right...all of these micro-dramas come highly recommended."

Beat Magazine

"The confrontation with actors in an unknown setting created a wonderful thrill of fear.  Penny Machinations, developed by Telia Nevile and Matt Kelly, turned out to be a fertile and highly entertaining experience."


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