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In-person season

Dates: 4 - 15 October (Wednesday - Sunday)

Time: 6pm (5pm on Sundays)

Venue: Fringe Hub, Trades Hall

Cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts, Carlton

Book here

Audio on-demand

Dates: 4 - 22 October

Book here


A low light, high volume cabaret for the poorly rested.

If you’ve tried breathing exercises, sleep hygiene and counting sheep, come celebrate the many circles of sleep-deprived hell.

No matter where you go, there you are, and never is this more real than when you’re staring at the ceiling and counting the hours until dawn. Fears and failures, real and imagined, mix with fantasies and dreams as you sort through the dirty laundry of your semi-conscious mind.

Funny and surreal and chock full of electro, goth and punk anthems to not-sleep-by.

Bed time. Lights out. Let’s party.




This show is available in-person or as an audio piece on-demand.

Written and performed by Telia Nevile

Dramaturgy by Sameena Zehra

Music by James Dowell

Publicity assistance by Holly Gardner

Social media by Mikki Michelle Marketing

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